January Throwback

So Januar was pretty cool in general. I was on vacation half of the time which meant I had time to read a lot. I finished “Tea time for the jilted lover” by Percy Kerry and began “The Jewel” by Amy Ewing. I have read 150 pages so far and it is so cool. Honestly if you are searching a book to read right now, you should take that one! Also I read “The Hate u give” by Angie Thomas and “Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell and these two books were a comparison like no other. Not in the way they are or because of the plot, just in the way they caught me and my attention. I loved “The Hate u give” so much that I bought Thomas’ next novel “On the come up” which was just available in on of the bookstores near me but I didn’t enjoy “Eleanor and Park” at all. I mean it felt like a short read because of the short chapters but what is that for a story? I don’t know what I should think of it tbh.

Furthermore I have heard a lot of music as always and found a new song I love really much: “All the kids are depressed” by Jeremy Zucker. It is so true and the melody of it sticks in my head all the time. I learned to play this song on the guitar I bought in December and got connected to it much more.

Then there were some other cool events just like I went on vacation in Egypt, Marsa Alam which was pretty relaxing and watched “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald” in the cinema with one of my friends again. We spent the whole weekend looking Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts and eating lots of shit. That wasn’t really healthy but we didn’t care because we just wanted to have fun these days. So you can imagine how cool the Januar was at least until the 17th where a kid who used to live in our small town got killed by a bus. That day was pretty awful as you can imagine and even the week after this accident was strange. But all in all the Januar was pretty cool and I was happy most of the time which should be the most important.

I hope your Januar was nearly as good as mine. If you like you can tell me in the comments

Love ❤


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