Sometimes it hits you right in the face. You feel not good enough for anything. You feel like you are not even able to breathe correctly because you might think you shouldn't breathe anymore. The easiest way out? Tell someone who can help you but the truth is you don't want anyone to help you.… Continue reading Depressions.


“On the come up” by Angie Thomas

I finished "On the come up" by Angie Thomas yesterday. I found it in a bookshop when it wasn't even released. Tbh I didn't know she would publish a new book that fast after "The hate u give". I read "The hate u give" in January and it was so good that I decided to… Continue reading “On the come up” by Angie Thomas

“Tea time for the jilted lover” by Prachi Sharma

This book is about an author called Homi Palsetia who got a stalker after publishing his new novel. He first thinks it's a bad joke or some publicity when dead rats appear on his car while he is holding a conference about his new crime novel. When he gets calls and massages from his stalker… Continue reading “Tea time for the jilted lover” by Prachi Sharma

“Time Crawlers” by Varun Sayal

I got a copy of "Time Crawlers" from Varun Sayal (a huge thanks to you) so I can review his first book. I hadn’t heard of that book which includes six short stories about the fourth dimension and different definitions of time. All the stories are sci-fi and quite interesting. They aren't in relation with… Continue reading “Time Crawlers” by Varun Sayal