January Throwback

So Januar was pretty cool in general. I was on vacation half of the time which meant I had time to read a lot. I finished "Tea time for the jilted lover" by Percy Kerry and began "The Jewel" by Amy Ewing. I have read 150 pages so far and it is so cool. Honestly… Continue reading January Throwback


“The hate u give” by Angie Thomas (not a review)

"Whats the point of having a voice if you're going to be silent". When I read the book this quote stuck in my head. It is so true. All of us was given a voice and how many people stay silent when there are things happening not the way they wish. This can be at… Continue reading “The hate u give” by Angie Thomas (not a review)

“Tea time for the jilted lover” by Prachi Sharma

This book is about an author called Homi Palsetia who got a stalker after publishing his new novel. He first thinks it's a bad joke or some publicity when dead rats appear on his car while he is holding a conference about his new crime novel. When he gets calls and massages from his stalker… Continue reading “Tea time for the jilted lover” by Prachi Sharma

“Time Crawlers” by Varun Sayal

I got a copy of "Time Crawlers" from Varun Sayal (a huge thanks to you) so I can review his first book. I hadn’t heard of that book which includes six short stories about the fourth dimension and different definitions of time. All the stories are sci-fi and quite interesting. They aren't in relation with… Continue reading “Time Crawlers” by Varun Sayal